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Is Your Spouse Involved With Your Business?

This summer # had color by perfect get actually before.

then we remember that we live with a couple of the smartest business people we know – and we’d be just crazy not to take advantage of their considerable brain power too. Who knows, if this husband summit goes well maybe we’ll make it an annual thing. What about you? How much do you think your spouse should be involved in the business? This post originally appeared here on Yummy Mummy Club.

Posted on August 28, 2013 by danielle

In Praise Of The Road Trip

The road trip is not part of my family culture. So, any length of time in the car over an hour counts as a very big deal. As a kid, a serious road trip meant driving from Toronto to Ottawa to visit my relatives. I remember the trips clearly. Ahead of time we would carefully […]

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Reinvesting For Growth

A few years ago we found ourselves invited to admire our most senior employee’s brand new bedroom set. It was lovely. Believe us, we were delighted for her. But at the time, it made us wonder if her grass wasn’t just a little greener than ours. For example, at that point in time, we both […]

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