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2016 business book round-up

At Spark, we believe in setting achievable, quantifiable goals around many activities in our working and personal lives. A good way to get something done is to plan for it!

One of our goals this year is to read 12 business books. (We’re currently reading Drive by Daniel Pink and an HBR series on Managing People).  We encourage our clients to keep reading too.  We’ve never met a business book that didn’t challenge or clarify our thinking on something. But with so many great books being written every day, how do busy entrepreneurs choose which books to read?

We’ve done a bit of homework to help you out.

Here’s a list of what considers the most-anticipated business books of 2016. has a list with some of the same titles.

If you’re not up to date with your business reading, not to worry.  Here’s a list from USAToday of the best business books of all time.  Goodreads has an older but very comprehensive list of the best business books of all time.

In our experience, reading the newest thing can be great but the classics have become so for a reason.  If lots of people are talking about a book that was meaningful or helpful to them and you haven’t read it, start there.  Just spending a few minutes a day reading a good business book is a great way to engage your mind and spark new ideas.

Happy reading!


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