Spark Consulting

Case Studies

Our clients come from a variety of industries.  We work with digital agencies, gym owners, jewellers, yoga studio owners, millworkers, training companies, retail store owners, food manufacturers, consultants, etc.  Clients in any business who are willing to commit to growing and improving are a great fit for Spark.

What our clients have in common is that they typically come to us at a fork in the road…either at start-up or ‘now what?’.  They are looking to get serious about their success and make things happen.

Here are some case studies of a few clients we’ve worked with, and here’s what they have to say about working with Spark.


The Client A company running instructional programs for kids and adults out of a storefront location as well as remotely.
An Issue Sales were growing for offsite programs but stagnating for those offered onsite.
The Spark We helped our client see and quantify the limitations of their particular location.  We advocated a move to a location closer to the target customer.  While moving was a huge and daunting step, we helped our client see and quantify the potential upside.
The Result Sales have more than doubled in the year since relocation and the client is now considering adding more locations.


The Client A professional who had written a novel as a passion project.
The Issue After being rejected by more than a dozen agents she decided to self-publish and wanted some support to get the book out into the public.
The Spark We advised the client as to the best ways to complete the technical aspect of self-publication.  We referred her to a graphic designer who made an eye-catching cover, and to a web developer who made her first web site.

Together, we created a marketing plan which focussed on traditional print and social media.  We advised her as to how to set up her social media accounts and how to engage.  Additionally, we helped craft her magazine pitch.  The client had great instincts for social media and was a big hit on those platforms, and the magazine pitch was well received.

We pushed for a publication date to coincide with a calendar event that would create a saleable pitch for media.  Finally, we worked with the client to plan a book launch party.

The result By every account, the e-book launch was a resounding success.  The book was downloaded more than 10,000 times from Amazon.  This helped the client attract the attention of a literary agent and ultimately secured her a multi-book print deal on both sides of the border.



The Client A publisher of an online magazine and digital community
The Issue The Client was well established in the space and had a capable staff and many great ideas for growth.  However, the staff was having trouble moving forward on any initiatives for growth.
The Spark We identified the organizational structure as an obstacle for growth and helped the client create a new structure which brought about a middle level of management, and put existing staff into ideal roles for growth, freeing up the Client to focus on growth.

We also helped the client bring her sales process in-house, which was pivotal for growth.

The Result Sales grew by approximately 50% within 6 months of the new structure being introduced.


The Client A retired professional who had an idea for a new product
The Issue The Client had spent thousands of dollars developing a prototype for a product she believed in, but had not done much research about.  She was keen to get help bringing this product to market.
The Spark In the course of a Business Assessment session, we led the Client through a market sizing exercise to help her see the actual potential of mass producing this product.  We walked her through the financials of introducing and maintaining this product in the marketplace.
The Result It became very clear to the Client that there was no profitable market for her idea.  While disappointed, she was relieved to have not invested any further money bringing an unprofitable product to mass production.


The Client A professional in the health and wellness industry.
The Issue She had very few sales and a small referral network.
The Spark We worked with the Client to overcome her fears and create an online product.  Through this product, the Client was able to offer her services at a discounted rate to a group using social media.
The Result The Client vastly increased her network, while creating a passive income opportunity for herself.