Spark Consulting

Ask And You Shall Receive

Choosing entrepreneurship can be exhilarating, invigorating and inspiring. But it can also be stressful – after all, getting a business off the ground can be one expensive leap into the unknown. Regardless of whether you start your business for a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars, we imagine that you’re just like us: you’ll want to stretch your money as far as it can go. And, like every business owner, you’ll need help, advice, referrals and bargains. Before you pull out your credit card, think about what value you can derive from your Rolodex. We’ve found the old adage to be true: ask and you shall receive. We’ve got three tips on how you can implement this motto in your business starting right now. Pursue networking opportunities Be in touch with everyone you can if there is the slightest chance they can help you with your new venture. Who can help you with legal advice? Product development? New client referrals? Even if your network can’t help you out now, keep them in mind for down the road. You never know how your contacts might end up helping. Seek out mentors There’s a lot we stand to learn when we’re starting out in business for ourselves. The good news is that many people in business have gone through it before us. You just need to find a way to tap into their expertise. A mentor can be anyone whose opinion you trust, but your best bet is someone who works in a similar sector and is ahead of you on the learning curve. Go out there and ask people you admire for their advice – we’ll bet they’ll be flattered you asked. Ask for better pricing Whether you run a product or a service-based business, you can ALWAYS ask for better pricing. You’ll either get it or you won’t, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! If at first you don’t succeed, you can always ask again down the road. Over time we’ve had our rates reduced on everything from materials costs to credit card rates – but we had to ask. You may be doing it all alone right now, but come out of your shell and ask for help. You simply never know what you’ll find.

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