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Praise for Mom Inc

Mom Inc. is an informative and refreshingly honest guide that helps navigate through the challenges of being a mom and an entrepreneur at the same time.” – Arlene Dickinson – CEO, Venture Communications Ltd.

“I wish Mom Inc. was around when momstown began in 2007. It’s a straight forward guide that is realistic and doesn’t glam mompreneurism up with rose coloured glasses. I refer moms who are looking at launching their own momstown to the Mom Inc. book to help them first make the decision about becoming a business owner and then to help with their business plan. Excellent read!” – Ann-Marie Burton – Founder/President,

“The best book for mompreneurs who want to succeed! Written with wit and accurate, up-to-date information about all the key business elements, mompreneurs are almost guaranteed success if they follow the advice in Mom Inc. The most enjoyable business book ever.” – Frances Wright – CEO and publisher of MOMPreneur magazine and

“Starting a business and raising small children can be a daunting task. What I would have done for a resource like this in the early days of my business! It’s absolutely packed with practical tips and expert advice. Before diving into the mompreneur life, be sure to pore over every word!” – Julie Cole – Founder, Mabels Labels and Mom of 6

Mom Inc. is practical, insightful, funny and inspirational. Amy and Danielle have presented their experiences and opinions, and those of the other mompreneurs they interviewed, in a way that will thoughtfully guide others through the stages of starting a business. A must read for any Mom or Dad considering taking the plunge into their own venture!” – Roger Martin – Dean, Rotman School of Management

“I just finished Mom Inc. and truly loved it! I am a mom of a three year old girl and have another on the way for this upcoming July. Before January 2011, I had been working crazy hours and travelling every week for an International company as a Sales and Marketing Manager. Although I felt guilty about leaving every week, my career and so I thought was going as planned. In Dec things changed, I announced to my boss that I was 2 months pregnant. 30 days later my position was “abolished” and I was replaced by someone else. Needless to say, the rug was pulled out from under our family. Since then, I have started my own company in Sales and Marketing and already have contracts that I am working on. If you had asked me a year ago where I would be today, I would never say a business owner. I feel empowered, strong and I am spending more time with my daughter and husband. Your book has truly guided me throughout this process. It could not of come out at a better time. Thank you.” – Catherine S. – Owner, N Compass Sales and Marketing Inc.

“Throughout the book I kept thinking it had been written especially for me, it was so on point! It was refreshing to read practical examples of other woman who don’t fit into the traditional roll of stay-at-home-mom. There is a constant reminder to look at success not just in how much money you make, but your life/work balance. Any woman who has a family and works from home needs to read this book. I will be referencing this book for years to come.” – Sarah Stickland – CHILDish

“If you’re thinking of starting your own business, you don’t need any other book than Mom Inc. It’s all here – the advice, the tips and the do’s and don’ts. The fresh writing style makes it easy to read and absorb all the great information. I wish it had been written before we started our business!” – Sarah Morgenstern – Publisher and Co-founder, SavvyMom Media

“This was SUCH a great read! The book was an easy read, yet full of information and insight into the work/life balance that Mompreneurs deal with on a daily basis. I found it demystified some of the myths that are associated with being a WAHM, and it was easy to relate to. If you are considering becoming a Mompreneur or are one already, I highly recommend this book for you!” – Jennifer Thornton – Owner, Geekling Designs

Mom Inc. is not only thought-provoking, but also entertaining! (for which this sleep-deprived mama is very grateful!) Practical tips, real-life stories, and ‘keeping-it-real’ advice make it a fantastic resource for women starting a new business and learning how to juggle multiple roles (without feeling mommy-guilt!)” – Erin Brule – Owner, Loopy Family Productions

Mom Inc. has been cleverly written by weaving true-to-life experiences of Admiral Road and other mompreneurs with solid business principles. This honest, practical and witty book is a must-read for any mom contemplating the exciting (and sometimes daunting) world of entrepreneurship.” – Debbi Arnold – D.A. Consulting

“I thoroughly enjoyed Mom Inc. It’s well-written and a very accurate account of what it’s like to be a mompreneur. With this book in circulation, women will have a better understanding of what it means to start their own business – a commitment that is complex & hard-core – not for the faint of heart! Congrats ladies, and well done.” – Carol – Kid Brother