Spark Consulting

What We Do

We work with businesses everywhere from to ‘Start up’ to ‘Now what?’ We work with our clients to identify what they really want to achieve and then together we create a logical, actionable, strategic plan to get them there. Our clients often come to us when they are at a fork in the road. In our coaching practice we ask the tough, big picture questions and we really listen to the answers. We work with our clients to create sensible plans and then help them stay on track and accountable. We help our clients unlock and understand the truth about their financial situation in a comfortable, confidential environment. We encourage our clients to quantify their plans wherever possible, so that they will know when they are successful.

Could you use some help growing your business? We’ve been in the trenches of business ownership and we truly understand that our clients’ time and money are subject to many demands. So, we won’t waste them. We won’t sell you anything you don’t need and we won’t bill you for work you haven’t asked us to do. We’re here to help you succeed in your business and your life, end of story.  Contact us for help taking your business to the next level.