Spark Consulting

Working with Spark

Wondering about hiring a business coach?  Here’s an article we wrote about when to hire a business coach.  For further reading, here’s one about how to get the most from your business coach.

All Spark clients begin with a 60-90 minute Business Assessment.  We assign some pre-work and then we all get together (in person, if possible) for a high-level, strategic conversation about the issues you’re facing and what you need to tackle them.

Some clients simply do a Business Assessment with us and then get to work on their own.  Most come on and do some ongoing coaching with us.  We meet with clients at least monthly and there are options for in-person and phone/online sessions.

For our session rates, please get in touch.  We don’t sell packages. We just don’t believe in it.  We’re not interested in keeping you longer than you want to stay or artificially ‘finishing’ with you.  We believe in helping our clients make money.  Most clients stay on with us since they far out-earn the investment from our work together.  We don’t waste our clients’ time or money, period. We think it’s a simple, honest equation.